The principles guiding our actions

The AID network acts within a strict framework of principles and values that are listed below. These principles and values are also strongly reflected in the jointly developed ethical charter.

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Thus, AID Central Coordination and the network members:

  • Support the development of equality-generating initiatives that fight against social and professional exclusion; 
  • Consider the local economic, social and cultural realities in which these projects take place;  
  • Give the initiators of a project the means to keep ownership of it throughout its lifetime;
  • Ensure that they promote projects that strengthen democracy, awareness and citizen participation for all.

Our ethical charter

The ethical charter sets the ethical rules and safeguards that are the AID network’s own. Its aim is to guarantee a treatment that is a s fair as possible to all users of our centres.  

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The ethical charter exists so that members of our target groups, who are already experiencing social and vocational difficulties, do not suffer any other form of exclusion, whether direct or indirect.  

In order to reflect the logic and the conduct of the training process, the principles in this charter are listed chronologically. 

Our pedagogical project

All of the AID network’s actions and activities follow a clear set of values and specific modalities, which are formulated in the pedagogical project, and listed as 8 points...

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The AID network’s pedagogical project hinges around 8 points:

  • A partnership approach that refuses to accept forgone conclusions;
  • AID: bodies or associates of the MOC (Christian Workers’ Movement);
  • Occupying the spaces for freedom and experimentation;
  • Offering training/insertion in partnership with public services; 
  • Collaborations for successful insertion;
  • Coherence and difference(s) between the AID centres;
  • Vocational integration as a goal… but also citizenship!
  • Coexistence of two pedagogical schemes (OISP and EFT).

See our pedagogical project to find out more.

Belonging to the M.O.C

Logo MOCThe AID network is linked to the M.O.C (Christian Workers’ Movement) in several ways. The AID network took root and developed from the active forces of the movement to become its social and vocational integration service. They share the values of solidarity, pluralism and independence… 

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The carry out the same actions for greater equality and social justice, and act according to the principles of Permanent Education for participatory citizenship and against all forms of exclusion.  

The linkage to the Christian Workers’ Movement enables micro-social approaches (locale actions, for immediate solidarity) to be linked to macro-social approaches (observations and surveys on the ground of problems, difficulties and blockages that need the intervention of larger institutional bodies). The AID network’s training centres have always refused to be mere “dual society providers”. To “be political” and act with organised bodies is therefore essential.